Due to the recent Government of Ontario Announcement and all of our facilities requiring both athletes and attendees be fully vaccinated in order to gain access, the Ottawa Shooting Stars (OSS) will be implementing the following Return to Play Policy.

All athletes, coaches, volunteers and visitors born in 2009 or earlier will be required to provide proof of one of the following in order to access to the facility:

  • full vaccination (two doses plus 14-day waiting period)
  • Have at least received one single dose of the vaccine AND provide a negative COVID-19 rapid test result within 48hrs prior to each event
  • Be 12 years of age or under (see below)

Valid Vaccine Documents are as follows:

  • Proof of Vaccination in Ontario:
    • People vaccinated in Ontario should receive an email and/or hard copy of confirmation from the Ministry of Health shortly after their dose. The PDF will look something like below and will need to be shown prior to each event.

    • Failing to have that email or document, Ontario residents with a green health card can login to https://covid19.ontariohealth.ca and obtain a document there.
    • Failing being able to login to that site, you can call the Ministry of Health at 1-888-999-6488 and request a document.

NOTE: Most of these documents state which dose number it is for. If you have both doses, you only need to show the one stating that it is a second dose.

  • Proof of Vaccination in other jurisdictions:
    • You can bring letters/receipts of vaccination from other jurisdictions. Our volunteers may need to run those by our Executive team.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of any of the previous mentioned documents will be required for each event. As vaccine documents contain personal health information, we will not be storing a copy of these documents within the club and we may be asked to provide this proof to our facilities at any event.


Should an individual be allergic or have suffered an allergic reaction to a component of the vaccine, a letter from an allergist or immunologist will be required. Any other events (ie myocarditis or pericarditis) will require a letter from a Health Care Professional as well as one clearing them for play.

Any athlete, coach, volunteer and/or visitor who qualifies under this criteria will be required to:

  1. Provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 48 hours prior to each activity
  2. Wear a mask during all activities (practices & games)

The OSS will comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) and provide accommodation to any Affected Person who is unable to be vaccinated for substantiated medical reasons and/or on grounds protected under the OHRC.

If an Affected Person cannot provide the League or their Organization with satisfactory evidence of vaccination, the following will be taken into consideration by the OSS:

  • The Affected Person’s reason for not being vaccinated; and
  • Documentation to substantiate a medical or protected ground reason for not being vaccinated.

Any Affected Person requiring accommodation must provide the OSS with documentation to substantiate their reason for not being vaccinated. Where accommodation is not possible, the Affected Person will not be permitted to be involved in any Sanctioned Activity for the duration of the pandemic or until such time that COVID-19 no longer poses a significant public health risk.

The OSS reserves the right to have accommodation medical documentation reviewed by applicable medical specialists and to make appropriate inquiries to verify the authenticity of a creed/religion-based claim.

Any Affected Person who is granted accommodation must follow the protocols mentioned above.

For athletes who were born in or after 2010 and therefore not eligible to be vaccinated, they will not be required to show proof of vaccination. For these cohorts, players and coaches will be required to wear masks during play. As younger cohorts become eligible for vaccination, we will issue further communication.

We are eager to return to play and at the same time, we need to make the health and safety of each participant our main priority. We continue to monitor the public health situation and recognize that more transmissible and dangerous variants of concern are contributing to a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections.