Devon Woods and Cindy Bates originally founded the Ottawa Shooting Stars in 1991 with sixteen ten and eleven year old girls. The girls had fun, but won none of their games. The club further expanded to two Minor Bantam teams, allowing the teams to participate in the provincial championships. The club then added a girls Bantam division with two “A” competitive teams and a Minor Bantam team. One of the “A” teams led the EOBA the entire season, but came short of winning the end-of-season championship. The Stars would go on to partner with the Ottawa Rookies to include a U16 option for players.

Since its inception the club has expanded to over 1,000 boys and girls in both the competitive and house league sides, regularly winning multiple OBA and EOBA championships. And with the addition of Small Ball and Novice programs, players as young as 6 years old are developing a passion for basketball.

Executive Team

The Ottawa Shooting Stars Executive is made up of knowledgeable and dedicated parents, coaches and basketball enthusiasts from across the Greater Ottawa Area.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are committed to ensuring that every player has the opportunity to play his or her best on the court, has fun and develops new skills.

Our Values

Teamwork: Basketball teaches us how to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Physical fitness: Playing basketball on a regular basis improves coordination, speed, strength and cardiovascular health. Ball handling and dribbling also improve fine motor skills.

Critical thinking: Basketball develops problem-solving skills and teaches strategic thinking.

Financially accessible sport: Given the limited amount of equipment required, basketball is a relatively inexpensive sport to play at both the competitive and house league levels. Costs for participating with the Ottawa Shooting Stars vary for House and Competitive leagues.

Developing players as people: We are a fair and open club that allows players to develop at their own pace. We do not believe in recruiting players from other clubs and are fundamentally against forming ‘All-Star’ teams at any level.

Great coaches producing great results: Our Technical Director is an active member of the basketball community in Ottawa, which means we attract the best coaches in the region. We value our connection with Ontario Basketball PDP programs and Basketball Canada and continually are advancing our knowledge of best coaching practices and techniques.

Communication: We are firm believers in open dialogue between coaches, players and parents, as well as with our executive. We strive to resolve all concerns promptly. Our end of season feedback surveys ensures that all members of the Ottawa Shooting Stars can express their views in a constructive manner.

Providing options: We offer competitive and house league basketball opportunities for boys and girls. Players involved in competitive teams play to win against other teams. House league teams focus primarily on skill improvement.