Parents Are on the Team Too

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Parents play an important role on their child’s team. Their positive influence and encouragement is essential to the success of the player and the team. Leadership, teamwork, coming to terms with success and failure are all experiences which when pointed out and positively reinforced can extend to life off the court as well.

Playing on a basketball team is hard physical and emotional work for players. Parents who encourage their children to work hard and practice also help them to understand the concept of how hard work pays off.

It can be a challenge sometimes for parents to accept a coach’s decisions about playing time, practice content and overall strategies, especially when the decisions don’t appear to recognize their child. On the court, the coach is boss. Parents who demonstrate respect for a coaches’ leadership (whether they agree with it or not) help their kids to learn about teamwork, leadership and respect.

Although tempting at times, in the end it is far better for your child if you avoid getting involved in negative team or parent politics. When parents’ differences with each other or the coach become obvious it distracts from the holistic team experience. That doesn’t mean that a parent’s perspective can’t provide great value. When delivered in a respectful and discrete manner, parents often contribute great insights into how things might be improved.

Coach with PlayersImagine your child’s team without coaches. The team wouldn’t exist. Ottawa Shooting Stars teams are only possible due to the huge contribution of volunteer hours of coaches. Parents have a role to play too. The more active they are, the greater the satisfaction from having played an instrumental role in delivering a meaningful and lasting experience for kids. There are so many ways to get involved, so make sure you do.

Games can be nerve wracking to watch, but also lots of fun. When parents witness their child’s efforts it builds their self-esteem and positive feelings that come from “being seen”. Supporting your and other kids on the team as they play is a great gift and one that has a life-long impact.

It can get emotional on the parent bench during a game. It’s important to remember to be positive and to refrain from communicating (out loud) negative criticism to the other team or referees.

After the season closes, parents can take great pride in the fact that they have helped their child participate in a team activity like basketball. Studies have shown that team sports have a tremendously positive effect on overall physical health and emotional well-being. Parents who have spent 6 months watching their children participate on the basketball court can see obvious improvements and growth in so many areas, improvements that might just be the beginning of a long career with basketball.