May-June Off-Season Training Program with FTA

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May/June Off-Season Training Program with FTA

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Starts: Thursday, May 9th
Address: 110 Bentley Ave #25, Nepean ON K2E 6T9
Cost: $99/8 sessions
Open to ages 8-16, boys and girls

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NOTE: This is an FTA program and not an OSS program.

Welcome to FTA – The Functional Training Academy – For The Athlete in You. We would like to introduce you to our Off Season Basketball Training Program; a physical literacy, athletic development and High Performance fitness solution designed specifically for basketball and customized for 3 training stages by age groups (8-10 yrs, 11-13 yrs, 14-16 yrs) to be able to push the limits and prepare the players for the next season. FTA has taken a European approach and meshed it with our North American hardworking mannerisms to create a solid fitness solution. The high tech body weight resistance equipment is not only revolutionary but also keeps training safe as there are no clunky oversized weights involved. Please join us to our INTRO session where the youth will be introduced to the programming and upcoming training. Our start date is May 2nd and details are below. Please remind the players to wear running shoes not high basketball shoes and shorts and a T-shirt. Let’s not forget water & their basketball. We look forward to working on building speed, flexibility, strength and overall athleticism to the participating athletes.

Click here to watch an informational video about FTA.

Off-Season Training

Cost: $99/8 sessions ($12.37/session)
Start Date: May 9nd (2 sessions per week for May & June, sessions on Thursdays & Saturdays)

Training will be broken into 3 age groups (Boys and Girls train together)

Max 20 athletes – 8-10yrs Physical Literacy – Thursdays 6-7pm & Saturdays 3-4pm
Max 20 athletes – 11-13yrs Athletic Development – Thursdays 7-8pm & Saturdays 4-5pm
Max 20 athletes – 14-16yrs High Performance – Thursdays 8-9pm & Saturdays 5-6pm

Assessments (Optional)

2 assessments ($60 includes report)
Cost: $30/player (per assessment)
Dates: TBD

Assessments to be run in 3 one-hour sessions

3pm – 8-10yrs
4pm – 11-13 yrs
5pm – 14-16yrs

  • Max upper body strength test
  • IFT test (beep)
  • Vertical
  • Counter Movement Jump
  • Long jump
  • Powerball
  • Weight
  • Height