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Special Situations

As the season is coming to an end quickly, as coaches and players we should be beginning to look at the various special situations that occur in the game especially late and prepare for them.

How do you handle being up or down late in the game – if you have the ball or are on defense how do you want the team to play. What if the game is tied and you have possession or don’t have possession? What if your team is in bonus or not in bonus.

  • What is your last second action to get a shot off.
  • Do you have a full-court or half-court out of bounds play to get a shot off if you are down late?
  • What if you need a 2 point or 3 point shot?

Lastly, if you are up or down in the game how do you want the defenders to play? If you are up, are you containing the ball handlers and keeping players in front? If you down, are you pressing, playing the passing lanes, double teaming?

These are just some of the situations that as coaches and players we should be preparing our athletes for as our season winds down.

Beginning Possessions on Offense

As coaches, we tend to begin working on our offensive concepts in the offensive half-court at the top of the key.  Does this happen in the game ?? Seldom does your team start offense in the offensive half-court – over 80% of your teams possession begin in the defensive end – off of a defensive rebound, a steal, or a turnover.  Other possessions begin from thrown in situations in the offensive half-court or from offensive rebounds.  Ensure you are working on beginning your offense from these situations to put your athletes into drills that are transferable to the game. As well, beginning from these different scenarios will allow your athletes to create the “flow” from defense to offensive transition to offense.