Coach’s Perspective

 In Parents, Players

Angela Pompeo, Head Coach, Junior Girls, Competitive

In my opinion when you choose to become a club coach, you need to make the conscious decision to do so not for your own success but for the success of the individual athlete and the team as a whole.

In my coaching experience I like to refer to two types of winners, one is the team that scores the most points at the end of the game. That is the scoreboard winner; we all enjoy being that type of winner.

But the second type is even more valuable and it’s called the Mastery winner. This kind of winner believes in consistently making an effort, continually learns the game and bounces back from a mistake. If we take this approach as coaches and allow players to develop and learn from their mistakes, we will have mastery winners. In turn this will result in more wins on the scoreboard and even more importantly more wins in life.

To help remember this method, it’s referred to as the ELM TREE of Mastery.
Effort: every practice and game we give it our best effort.
Learning: constantly be willing to learn and develop
Mistakes: they happen but don’t dwell on it – flush it away and move on to the next great play.

So, remember, as long as they give their best Effort, Learn and are not afraid of Mistakes, they are climbing the ELM Tree of Mastery, and will become  winners in sports and in life.

So what does this mean to parents? Simple, become a CHEER LEADER at the games!  Cheer louder when we recover from a bad play, Cheer even Louder when we need it most!

My perspective from being a player to a coach has not changed
“WIN WITHIN and watch the SCOREBOARD change”