Thomas Armstrong

Guelph Gryphons

Age: 20
Height: 6’6″
Position: Small Forward
Program of Study: History

“Basketball and the Ottawa Shooting Stars program have greatly influenced my life, as well as develop me into the individual I am today. I started along the basketball career path at a very early age when the Stars welcomed me to the competitive basketball community.

As a member and co-captain of the original male Shooting Stars team in 2003, my passion and love for the game of basketball was truly ignited. Coach McCarthy preached teamwork, good work ethic and dedication to the sport, which I have taken with me every time I step onto the court. As I continue to mature as a basketball player and as a person, I continue to understand the influence basketball has on my life on and off the court.

Basketball helps me be a better son, brother, friend, student and employee. The lessons I have learned during the countless hours I’ve spent on the court have found a way to influence the other side of my life. Whether it’s pushing myself in the classroom to get into university so I can play at the CIS level, or pushing through fatigue at the workplace just like in the fourth quarter of a game, it was easy for me to transfer the hard lessons I was taught in the gym to my own life.

Finally making it to the university level and now playing for the Guelph Gryphons has been an absolute dream come true for me. Reaching my own goals as well as proving all the doubters wrong along the way has made me extremely proud with what I have accomplished and excited for all the great things I still have left to accomplish.”


Kim Yeldon

Laurier Golden Hawks

Age: 20
Height: 6’0″
Position: Forward
Program of Study: Kinesiology & Physical Education

“Basketball has always been a tremendous part of my life. In elementary school, I decided I wanted to try out for the team. It was at the age of 7 that I realized I wanted to try out for a house league team.

In my first year with the Stars, I was taught the basic fundamentals of basketball, taught by my first coach Marty. I looked forward to every practice and loved to contribute as much as I could during every game. This specific year of basketball really gave me a taste of what being a team player meant and made me realize even more how important the sport was to me.

After the one year of house league with the Stars, I decided to move to a more competitive side – and noticed a huge difference in myself and my team. All of my teammates loved to win and would be willing to work hard together in order to gain success for the team. The practices became more intense and I realized how much I wanted to continue to improve.

After a total of 8 years with the Stars, I was coached by Marty, Dave, Eric, and Jeremy. All of these coaches were amazing role-models and taught me so much about the game. Being on the Ottawa Shooting Stars allowed me to improve my skills dramatically to where they are now. The organization gave me an opportunity to be introduced to the sport and most importantly, learn how to be a good team leader and cooperative teammate. I made many life-long friends and unbelievable memories along the way.

I currently play for Sir Wilfrid Laurier University under my head coach Paul Falco. The Stars opened up an opportunity for me to be able to play at the highest level in Canada, and it has been an unbelievable experience so far. Keep working hard, and enjoy the sport – it’s a great one!”