2013/2014 Highlights

Over 2013-14, we’ve seen record numbers of our Competitive players winning medals, working hard, having fun and building their skills to become part of the strongest, best developed Ottawa [...]

Take it to the Next Level

For every Phil Scrubb or Elizabeth Roach who currently star for the Carleton Ravens basketball men’s and women’s teams there are many players who seem to have the ability to play at the ‘next [...]

The Emotional Edge

Participation and performance in sport requires that athletes learn about and apply a set of mental and emotional skills. These skills apply to all competitive settings.

What You Need to Play

Shoes are important equipment as they can help reduce injury. Wear supportive and appropriately sized basketball shoes when you practice or play. Basketball shoelaces must be tied to the top of [...]

Life Balance with Sports

Being involved in a sport is a lot different for most of today’s young people than it was for their parents or grandparents. Kids start younger, train harder, play more often, forego other [...]