2013/2014 Highlights

 In Scores & Results

Competitive League

Over 2013-14, we’ve seen record numbers of our Competitive players winning medals, working hard, having fun and building their skills to become part of the strongest, best developed Ottawa Shooting Stars yet. Looking back at the Ottawa Shooting Stars Capital Classic, the OBA tournaments, the games and tournaments, the banquet at St. Anthony’s and our many team successes, its hard not to feel a great sense of pride in what the Ottawa Shooting Stars has accomplished this year.

A huge thank you to our coaches who devoted countless volunteer hours to working with their players, instilling a competitive spirit and passing on their love of basketball. Another big thank you to our team managers who organized players, parents and coaches so teams could get the most out of their time at practice and games. Thank you to everyone who has helped make the club what it is. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the courts in the Fall.

House League

Our season was an excellent one for our house league program. With a record 138 players participating, the Club has teams competing in virtually all divisions. We expanded our participation in the Central Ottawa Basketball League this season and had 4 teams participating in 2 different divisions. The remainder of our teams participate in the West End Basketball League where we continue to fare well against other member Clubs.

Many of our teams experienced great success in their leagues and all showed great improvement since the start of the season. The skill development was obvious, but more importantly, the kids seem to be having lots of fun and a strong camaraderie developed between the players.

We are fortunate to have had a great group of coaches, managers and student volunteers. Their dedication and enthusiasm is to be commended and we should all be thankful for their efforts.