Pro Shot Shooting System Clinic

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Presenting the Pro Shot Shooting System:

Please note: Due to the masonry issue at Lisgar, we need to move the 9am and 2pm Saturday and Sunday clinics to Nepean High, 574 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 3V8

Saturday, September 26,  9am to 1pm, Nepean High, 574 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 3V8

Saturday, September 26,  2pm to 6pm, Nepean High, 574 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 3V8

Sunday, September 27,  9am to 1pm, Nepean High, 574 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 3V8


The clinic is organized and presented by the Ottawa Shooting Stars Basketball club and features guest speaker and coach Matt Williamson, Director of the Pro Shot Shooting System. PRO SHOT’S FOUNDER Paul Hoover, developed the Pro Shot Shooting System based on over ten yeas of studying and talking to many of the best shooters in the world.

Headquartered in Athens, Ohio, the PS System is built around shooting techniques that the best players currently employ.   Coach Hoover has detailed the Pro Shot Shooting System in the book “PRO SHOOTING SECRETS” and the DVD, “THE FOCUSED SHOOTER.”  The book and videos are available for free at

Based on his research, Paul Hoover came to the realization that what most coaches teach in regards to shooting is incorrect and outdated.  Paul believes as much as 90% of what is taught in shooting actually hurts the shooter than helps the individual.


The 4-Hour clinic will review the core elements of the Pro Shot Shooting system:               

  • Proper shooting starts with proper technique. You can do drills for 8 hours each day, but you will not get a whole lot better unless you have proper technique.
  • The Release is responsible for 75% of the shot’s overall effectiveness.
  • The index finger is the true key to a shot’s success.
  • A good shot is one that’s straight. A bad shot is one that misses to the side.
  • Follow your shot BUT do not run after it. The worst shooters run after their shot.
  • A player should NEVER think about making the shot or the ball going in.
  • Look at the center of the rim for full shooting effectiveness. If you look at the back at the rim, chances are you will hit the back of the rim.
  • When open, hold the ball loose. If you hold it with a loose grip, you will get more touch.
  • A player starts their shot where they catch it at. Because most passes are caught at the chest level, most shooters will start at their chest level including off the dribble as will.
  • Proper use of the guide hand is important for balance and overall effectiveness.
  • A shooter has no balance when shoulder width. The best shooters in the world are narrow shooters.
  • Square your shooting shoulder and hip when shooting. The best shooters in the world align their shooting shoulder because you are more straight this way and it is more comfortable.
  • Do not BEND the knees. Instead, FLEX the knees.  Bending leads to stiffness and becoming slower.
  • The Hop shot is much quicker, more rhythmic and more balanced than the 1-2 step shot.
  • The difference between a poor shooter and a good one is THE RELEASE. The difference between a good shooter and a great one is THE SHOULDERS (how relaxed they are).
  • To relax your shoulders fully, sway your feet forward. This will force your shoulders to sway slightly backwards.

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*Walk ups accepted only if space permits.