How to Run a Canteen

 In Parents

Running a canteen can be a big job so having 2 parents share the job is a good idea. 3 weeks before the tournament, the Canteen Coordinator should meet with parents and finalize plans. 1 week before the tournament, you should receive a game schedule so you can start assigning specific times for volunteers. You’ll also need to locate tables, chairs and find out about the location of electrical outlets.

You want to set-up the canteen table at least 1 hour before the first game.

Non-food items for the canteen

  • Cups, plates, cutlery and napkins
  • Menu poster
  • Cashbox with a float
  • Volunteer schedule with phone numbers
  • Cream and milk for the coffee
  • Ice and coolers

Food-items for the canteen

  • Toasters, bagels and a variety of flavored cream cheeses
  • Bagged cheese & crackers
  • Bags of fresh fruit and chopped veggies
  • Apples & oranges
  • Juice (McDonalds will sometimes donate)
  • Coffee (Tim Hortons will sometimes donate)
  • Crock pot full of chill, tortellini in sauce or soup
  • Electric frying pans, cheese slices, bread and butter to make grilled cheese
  • Granola bars, although you will need to post nut allergy warnings
  • Water bottles and sport drinks such as Gatorade

Make sure electrical appliances are placed on a table against the back wall to access plugs and reduce the chance of accidents. Please try and keep the food at the canteen as healthy as possible. It is important that parents do not feel pressured to donate especially if they can’t afford it! They can contribute in other ways like setting up or taking canteen shifts. Experienced canteen runners suggest that the simpler the menu, the better.